Tere! My name is Mari-Ann and I come from small and cold country in northern Europe – Estonia.  I am a geography student, who wanted to experience something new in the life. I decided to do EVS in Lisbon, which was the best idea ever. I spent two awesome months in the youth centre +Skillz, where I worked with lovely youngsters. During the project I was also involved with the events organized by Mais Cidadania. I am so grateful for having such a good experience and meeting so many amazing people.



“Olá, prazer em conhecer-vos! I’m Cristina and I come from Italy. There I was  working as psychologist and educator, but one day I decided to take a break from my job and start my EVS adventure in Lisbon. I’m here since the beginning of November 2015 working in a youth center project for one year, called +Skillz  where I’m supporting the youth workers in the animation and social integration activities. I’m trying to experience the most I can from my EVS, so I’m enriching my project with other extra activities like teaching Italian in the Senior University of Bairro Alto, working in some festivals or promoting the Erasmus+ mobility projects in schools. 

My motto is “Work hard, play hard!”

Into the Wild: Hiking the Fishermen’s trail

I am in the last phase of my project and for me it is the time to look again on all the To-do lists that I wrote when I came here in September. All the things that I never did, since I knew I still have sooo much time left. Months passed by and the list was forgotten in one corner of my room. Now I have only a few weeks left and looked at it again. Time to do the trips I planned to do for such a long time!

Together with Camille, a former volunteer of Mais Cidadania who stayed in Lisbon afterwards, I planned since a long time to hike along the coast. One weekend, one the backpack, a tent and the Atlantic Ocean. In the south of Lisbon, in the region called Alentejo, you can find the natural park Costa da Vicentina.  Along the whole coast until Portugal’s coast southern pint you can follow the Fishermen’s Trail.

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Festival da Juventude

In the small beautiful town called Vila Franca De Xira, about 40 minutes by train from Lisbon, group of enthusiastic volunteers arrived to participate in the local Festival da Juventude.

The organizers of the Câmara Municipal had tried to provide nutritious lunch for all participants and enough space to stand for any organization.

So – Programme 3 day festival included a variety of activities.

Young musicians from the city and county showed their talents, various NGOs competing any more attractive in the vision of their stands, offering a variety of games, photo sessions and places for relaxation with comfortable furnitures.

Vocational schools presented their practical skills restauranting and bartending. Perhaps the most visited booth was a hairdresser saloon. Many young and old waited on queue, supported by the sweets and cookies of the school for chefs. The atmosphere was very pleasant, friendly and all participants willingly exchanged contacts each other.

From the stage sounded variety of music from acoustic guitars to typical folk music that brings the feeling of warm summer nights, smell of exotic flowers thriving in the area. Everywhere had fragrance of youth and fresh river.

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Different people, different projects

As an EVS volunteer, you are going to meet a lot of other people from all over the world who decided to do a voluntary service as well. But as much as your choice to do EVS makes you similar in some way, the themes and the activities of the projects that you are involved with might be completely different from yours and in the end you might have a completely different experience. Continue reading Different people, different projects