My experience abroad in 95 seconds

If you had to sum up your experience abroad in a maximum 3 minutes video and you have only one week time to film and edit everything. How would you do it? This was the challenge we faced last week in a workshop about digital storytelling that was run by two facilitators from the organization Media Shots.

The first step is talking thinking talking. What were important impressions I had from my time in Brasil, Africa, France, Spain…? And what are the feelings I want to tell in the video? And what if I am still in the middle of the adventure? (by the way, last one is my case) Since it was a storytelling, not a videomaking workshop, the most important tool was our own voice. So we finally wrote down on paper the story we wanted to tell. After that we all went very diverse paths depending on our ideas. For some it was drawing images for a montage, others filmed around the city and some started editing straight away with already existing footage. For me it meant to take shots with my bike in the pouring rain or motivating Stani to take a metro ride with me just for the pictures.

In the beginning of the week I did not believe it. But on Friday around lunchtime everybody had a video ready to present. The stories turned out to be as diverese as the pictures used to illustrate them. But all of them showed a very personal view on a personal experience. About the city Rio de Janeiro, about the questioning yourself, about the differences between your country and the life you had abroad and about overcoming the confusion that diving in a new culture can cause…

And after all 95 seconds were enough.




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